by Good Crime

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Recorded between two times that I can't remember by Evan Dyer at Battlefields Recordings in Lancaster, PA. Mastered by Grant Mcfarland for Atrium Audio. Photo Credit Alana Nabulsi


released April 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Good Crime Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Good Crime is Christopher Diehm of the band 1994!, he plays guitar and sings songs; sometimes with a band and sometimes without.

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Track Name: Dug Deep
I carry stuck with me everywhere I go
I'm never content, I'm always over thinking things
Yeah, I went to San Diego
But the Pacific was too cold to swim this year

So I dug deep for nostalgia
And I latched onto everything I could remember about you

The day before I left felt like some half remembered holiday
Where we smelled like damp flannel and smoke
So I buried my face between your neck and your shoulder
And I breathed so deep I could have passed out

We moved in time, together to the rain
Your footprints stood out on my clean white walls
Like a signature on a blank canvas
You clutched my T-shirt tight in your hands
And you pulled me closer, smiling while we kissed
Track Name: Lumbering Giant
Everything happens so fast
From the tacky film on my feet
To the viscous liquid in my head

My weekends add up to minutes
I'm wholly unaware of my surroundings as I float through the party
Building momentum
A rolling boulder
I can't adequately describe the feeling in my chest when I think about my friends
They're all the best

The whole night's a blur
From blowing up balloons
To breaking bottles in the basement
Tomorrow can wait, it's never far enough away

So we'll throw everything at everything else and worry about it later
Because we're all moving in a syncopated rhythm
Some people just don't understand how it could be so much fun to reduce everything to rubble

We're totally reliant on songs so good they seem to come alive
We smile so hard we might explode into the air
Just like a puzzle, missing it's pieces
Tonight won't exactly fit together in the morning

But we'll bridge the gaps just fine
When this lumbering giant finally rolls onto its side

We'll take it as a cue and rest where we fall
Track Name: The Better Everything Looks
If our paths cross at uncertain points
And the future seems unclear
Would it be okay if I follow you
Because I can't go home?

And I worry that I'll overstay my welcome
That I'll out last my usefulness
That i've stayed too long already

So maybe long weekends away are all I need to keep me on an even keel
Some time off from my comfort zone could do some good
It's just like pointillism; the further away I get the better everything looks

The worst part of all this is that I will fuck it up
I know I get locked on
I can't help myself
I'll find new creative ways to scare you off

I can't go home
Track Name: From Decay
I'm learning to work with what I have
Work with what I've got
I wake up kicking air to save me from my sleep

I'm suffering and I tell myself that maybe this year it's okay to be happy
That I deserve these tiny victories
That they're not just dumb luck
But a reward for hard work

Self sacrifice and success by proxy are hardly the best ways to get what I need
Dumbing myself down just leads to my disinterest

So I ask myself, "what's the point? When I can barely stand the sound of my own voice."
It's insincere and I don't think that I can last much longer than this year

I'm working with the best that I've got
But it's not enough
I'm kicking air to save me
From boredom
From my sleep
From decay
Track Name: Mounting Frustration
Odd how it takes a major change to notice tiny things
Like riding a bike so fast the wind is deafining
It chaps your ears

Like memorizing a new part of the city that you've always called home
As you welcome the burgeoning cold

But you know there will always be some new struggle
Some mounting frustration
But for these few brief moments you're completely in tune
You're completely aware that you are free
As the streets that have always seemed so familiar unfold before you
It still feels like you have no idea where you're headed
As you embrace a completely new path